Weingut Geyerhof imkerei-en


Beekeeping is a combination of handcraft, luck, patience, and a deep interest in the course of nature.

Just as in viticulture, it is vital to observe and intervene with a guiding hand only at the right moment. The measures to be taken are highly dependent on the life cycle of each individual bee colony. Surplus honey is taken without depleting the vital resources of the bee colony.

Abstinence from pesticides on our croplands and in our vineyards is integrated into the biologically diverse landscape surrounding Oberfucha providing ideal preconditions for healthy and thriving bee colonies. Their profuse pollination activity contributes further to the expansion and preservation of biological diversity. This contribution to biological diversity was first initiated in our environmental project “wildwux” and has been further extended to include the establishment of our own apiculture.

Of course, we are highly pleased to be able to offer one of the oldest and highly prized condiments in the world – fresh honey from the beehive.