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Responsible farming practices have helped our cultural landscape evolve into a biologically diverse habitat over the course of thousands of years. We strive to continue this tradition inspire environmental awareness in the frame of our wildwux project together with the Birgit Braunstein winery in Burgenland.

wildwux can essentially be translated as “wild growth” and may initially awake the impression of an abandoned vineyard.  In reality, it represents neither minimal pruning nor wild vines. It is in fact a contemplative study of the philosophy behind organic agriculture in a time when “organic” appears to be more of an advertising slogan than a philosophy.

Going a step beyond organic agriculture, we have committed to environmental protection methods targeted at the preservation and revitalization of valuable habitats for endangered plant and animal species on our lands. Hoopoe birds, praying mantis, tree frogs, and spermophilus ground squirrels are all wild animals that find a home on our estate.

The first two years of our wildwux project have passed and the idea has continued to grow. Our intuition for the right course to take in sustainable farming practices has grown and intensified. We allow nature to be our guide.


Wine as a catalyst for ideas

wildwux is represented by a classic, refreshing and fruity Grüner Veltliner from Geyerhof and an elegant, juicy red wine blend of local grape varieties made by Birgit Braunstein.

Visit wildwux auf Facebook or www.wildwux.atand discover what is currently happening in our wildwux designated areas.